to an Online Business

Move from in-person, custom, one-on-one work to an 
online business with passive income potential.

It's no longer a question of if a business can afford to have a presence online. It is a question of what sales are they missing by NOT being available for your customers where they can have the fastest and easiest access to you and your services. Having an online presence is now a necessity to be competitive in your industry. 

But how do you begin?

We are giving you access to our signature program. It will take you through the exact same steps we use with our personal clients to guide you through the entire process to get your business online in just 90 days. You can do this yourself. You can dive it without investing in a huge marketing team or VA. We are here to show you what needs done and guide you through getting started with an online business. The best part? Our team will be available to answer all your strategy, technical, administrative, and marketing questions with email and group calls.  

We break down everything you need to do in 3 phases.



Take your idea and build a plan of how to get there. Make sure you know what to expect in taking the leap into an online business.



Put all the systems in place to be ready to sell online. We are talking the details of the tech, what steps to do, and what order you should do them in. We are going to keep it lean and focused on one thing.



Now that you have all the pieces in place, we will guide you on how to make it something that serves you.

Here's what our clients think

I trusted my business with Codi and her team and they have returned twofold, if not more than that . . . They are my secret weapon and they're gonna be yours too. 

- tracy phillips

I have been working with QBR team for 3+ and started with nothing. I have built my email list up, I have a newsletter that goes out once a month, I've started weekly video emails. Basically, I have an online presence . . . I've upped my game each year!

- Beth osmer

(Codi and her team) have been very responsive, efficient. They are good at coming up with suggestions in terms of things like copy editing, social media. They're incredibly on top of my social media needs!

- gretchen kubacky

She (Codi) held my hand through the whole thing, I finally got my optin made, I got my email's written, I got them into my CRM, I understood my Customer Journey. She just helped me so much.


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