Day 1 – Course Overview

  • Overview of the course.
  • Begin thinking about your brand and the product you want to offer.
  • Get excited about the journey ahead.

Day 5 – Product Development

  • Define and develop your product or service.
  • Refine your product concept.
  • Outline the key features and benefits.

Day 10 – Audience Definition

  • Create your customer avatar.
  • Understand your target audience's needs and preferences.
  • Begin to tailor your product to their interests.

Day 15 – Customer Journey Design  (Part 1)

  • Start designing the customer journey.
  • Map out the stages of the customer experience.
  • Identify key touchpoints and interactions.

Day 20 – Customer Journey Design (Part 2)

  • Complete the customer journey design.
  • Decide on a lead magnet that will be part of your journey.
  • Review the tools and resources needed for journey design.

Day 25 – Tools

  • Review the tools required for building your customer journey and make decisions.
  • Understand the functionality of each tool.
  • Ensure you have access to the necessary software and platforms.

Day 30 - Tool Setup

  • Finalize your tool selection.
  • Make any necessary tool purchases.
  • Set up your accounts and get comfortable with the tools.


Day 35 – Lead Magnet Creation

  • Begin creating your lead magnet content.
  • Consider the format (ebook, video, etc.).
  • Develop the necessary resources.

Day 40 – Opt-In Page Content

  • Work on your opt-in page copy.
  • Create a thank-you page.
  • Begin building your opt-in sequence in your CRM.
  • Use your opt-in check list.
  • Test it!

Day 45 – Nurture Sequence

  • Write and add a nurture sequence to your CRM.
  • Plan how to nurture leads after they opt in.

Day 50 – Get out there!

  • Start promoting your opt-in.
  • Create content for your social media channels or send it to your list (if you have one).
  • Focus on consistent posting and gaining your first sign-ups.

Day 55 – Sales Page Content

  • Write the content for your sales page.
  • Highlight the benefits and features of your product.
  • Craft persuasive messaging.
  • Sell the solution to their problem-not a product.
  • Write like you are talking to ONE person.

Day 60 – Build Your Sale Page

  • Build your sales page.
  • Ensure it is visually appealing and user-friendly.
  • Include engaging visuals and persuasive elements.
  • Use your checklist.

Day 65 – Thank-You Page

  • Write your thank you page copy
  • Built the page one website.
  • Add any upsells

Day 70 – Post Purchase Emails

  • Design email confirmations for customers.
  • Ensure a seamless post-purchase experience.

Day 75 – CRM Integration

  • Implement all sales-related components in your CRM.
  • Ensure order forms, confirmation emails, and delivery processes align with the customer journey.
  • Test and refine as needed.


Day 80 – Test and Nurture

  • Put the finishing touches on your sales funnel.
  • Test all elements rigorously.
  • Prepare your nurtured leads for sales.
  • Make sure they get more from you than just delivery of sale and are nurtured ongoing so you can sell to them again.

Day 85 – Customer Service Plan

  • Establish a customer service plan to handle inquiries.
  • Prepare for incoming requests as customers move through your funnel.
  • Ensure excellent support for prospective customers.

Day 90 – Review and Celebrate

  • Celebrate your achievements!
  • Review the customer journey and make any necessary improvements.
  • Consider outsourcing or refining processes for your next iteration.